The most interesting fact about chemistry. Organic chemistry: Interesting Facts

By the late 19th century as a science formed organic chemistry. Interesting facts help to better understand the world and learn how new scientific discoveries were made.
The most interesting fact about chemistry. Organic chemistry: Interesting Facts
“Living” course
The first interesting fact about chemistry concerning extraordinary food. One of the most famous Japanese dishes – “Odori Don” – “dancing squid.” Many kind of shocking shevelyascheho tentacles of squid on the plate. But do not worry, he did not suffer long and feels nothing. Svezheosvezhevannoho squid placed in a bowl of rice before serving pour soy sauce. Squid tentacles begin to decline. This is due to the particular structure of the nerve fibers, which for some time after the death of the animal react with sodium ions contained in the sauce, causing the muscles to contract.

Accidental discovery
Interesting facts about chemistry often relate to discoveries made by accident. Thus, in 1903, Edward Benedyktus, the famous French chemist who invented unbreakable glass. A scientist accidentally dropped the flask, which was filled nytrotsellyulozoy. He noticed that the bottle broke, but the glass is shattered to pieces. After the necessary research chemist found that in this way you can create Shock glass. So the first fight of glass for cars, which significantly reduced the number of injuries in a car accident.
The most interesting fact about chemistry. Organic chemistry: Interesting Facts
Live sensor
Interesting facts about chemistry sensitivity narrate the use of animals for human benefit. Up to 1986 miners took with them into the ground canaries. The fact that these birds are extremely sensitive to mine gases, particularly methane and carbon monoxide. Even small concentrations of these substances in the air, the bird may die. Miners listen to birds singing and watched her being. If the canary showing concern or starts to weaken, it is a signal to what you want to keep mine.

The bird does not necessarily dying from poisoning the fresh air it quickly became better. Applied even special sealed cells closed with signs of poisoning. Even today invented device feels ore gases is as thin as a canary.
An interesting fact about chemistry, another accidental invention – rubber. Charles Goodyear, an American scientist, discovered the recipe for rubber, which does not melt in the heat and breaks in the cold. He casually heating a mixture of sulfur and rubber, leaving it on the stove. The process of rubber vulcanization was named.

Another interesting fact about chemistry, penicillin was invented by accident. Alexander Fleming forgot tube with bacteria Staphylococcus aureus for several days. When thought about it, I found that the colony dies. The whole thing mold, which began to destroy bacteria. It is for fungi scientist received the world’s first antibiotic.
Interesting facts about chemistry can deny mystical history. We often hear about the old house full of ghosts. And the thing is outdated and poorly running the heating system. A carbon monoxide leak, causing poisoning in residents having headaches, and auditory and visual hallucinations.

The most interesting fact about chemistry. Organic chemistry: Interesting Facts
The gray cardinals of plants
Interesting facts about proteins. Chemistry can explain the behavior of animals and plants. In the course of evolution many plants have developed mechanisms to protect against herbivores. Often, they emit a poison plant, but scientists have discovered more subtle method of protection. Some plants produce substances that attract predators! Predators regulate the number of herbivores and deter them from a place of growth “smart” plants. This mechanism is even in our usual plants such as tomatoes and cucumbers. For example, caterpillars pidtochyla cucumber leaf, and the smell was isolated juice attracted birds.
Defenders of proteins
Interesting facts: chemistry and medicine are closely linked. During experiments on mice virologists discovered interferon. This protein is produced in all vertebrates. Of the infected cells secreted a special protein – interferon. He has no antiviral effect, but contact with healthy cells and makes them immune to the virus.
The most interesting fact about chemistry. Organic chemistry: Interesting Facts
The smell of metal
We usually think that coin, handrails in public transport, handrails and so on. D. Smelling metal. That’s just the smell allocates no metal and compounds that formed in collision with a metal surface of organic substances such as human sweat. To people feel the characteristic smell, you need quite a bit of reagents.
Building material
Interesting facts about proteins. Chemistry studies the proteins recently. They emerged more than 4 billion years ago, inexplicably. Proteins are the building blocks of all living organisms, other forms of life science unknown. Half of the dry weight of most living organisms make proteins.
The most interesting fact about chemistry. Organic chemistry: Interesting Facts
Interesting Facts. Chemistry and soda
In 1767 Joseph Priestley interest nature of bubbles that come out of beer during fermentation. He collected gas to a cup of water, which tried to taste. The water was nice and refreshing. Thus, the scientist discovered carbon dioxide, which is now used to produce soda. Five years later, he described a more efficient method of gas.

This interesting fact about chemistry suggests that many scientific discoveries were made almost by accident. A curious incident led to the discovery of properties of sucralose, the modern substitute for sugar. Hugh Leslie, the professor from London who studies the properties of the new material tryhlorsaharoza, instructed his assistant Shashykantu Phadnysu test it (test in English). A student who speaks English poorly understood as the word “taste” of what it means to try to talk and immediately executed order. Sucralose was very sweet.

Skatole – is an organic compound that is formed in the intestines of animals and humans. It is a substance causes the characteristic smell of feces. But if high concentrations skatole has the smell of feces, in a small number of the substance has a pleasant smell, reminiscent of cream or jasmine. So skatole used to flavor perfumes, foodstuffs and tobacco.
Cat and iodine
Interesting fact about chemistry – the opening of iodine was directly involved most common cat. Pharmacist and chemist Bernard Courtois usually dined in the laboratory, and it is often joined by a cat who liked to sit on the shoulders of the owner. After another meal the cat jumped on the floor while throwing containers of sulfuric acid and seaweed ash suspension in ethanol, which stood at the desktop. Fluids were mixed, and the air began to climb purple couples on subjects osedavshyy small black and purple crystals. It was opened a new chemical element.

Freon – is the temperature of the refrigerant. Freon in the refrigerator

Each house has appliances for the production and efficiency of such a substance which is used as the refrigerant. This substance is known as an excellent refrigerant used in all fridges so you can store food and ready meals for a longer period than the ambient temperature. This article will tell freon – what is the matter, where it is used, what temperature it is.
History of discovery
Various sources call the first two dates synthesis Freon – 1928 and 1931 years. Correct that the date of birth of the refrigerant 1928 year. It was then a prominent chemist Frigidaire Company, a subsidiary corporation General Motors, Thomas Mydhley, brought “miracle substance” and gave him the name “Freon”. Later engineers who were engaged in industrial production of gas introduced Freon-12 designation as «R» (in translation «Refrigerant» stands refrigerant or coolant). The second date with the advent of Freon link nepravlno as early as 1930, the company was founded Kinetic Chemical Company, whose activities had to be directed to the production of this product.

Freon – is that?
A mixture of ethane and methane as fluorinated derivatives of low molecular weight hydrocarbons where hydrogen atoms may be replaced by fluorine, chlorine, bromine. Widely used in refrigerators (refrigerators, freezers, air conditioners and so on. N). Many wonder, freon – a gas or a liquid? Correct answer: the substance may have and both physical state.
The most common types of Freon
Science has known for more than 40 types of substances, most of which goes to industrial way. The temperature of refrigerant at which it boils, each species has its own:

R11 – tryhlorftormetan (t boil 238 ° C).
R12 – Difluorodichloromethane (t boil and equipment -298 ° C).
R13 – CHLOROTRIFLUOROMETHANE (t boil and equipment -815 ° C).
R14 – tetraftormetan (t boil and equipment -128 ° C).
R134A – tetraftorэtan (t boil and equipment -263 ° C).
R22 – Chlorodifluoromethane (t boil and equipment -408 ° C).
R600A – isobutane (t boiling equipment -1173 ° C).
R410A – hloroftorokarbonat (t boil and equipment -514 ° C).
Typically, home refrigerators running on Freon (refrigerant) marks R-22 industrial and trade mark use R-13.
Freon – is the temperature of the refrigerant. Freon in the refrigerator
Freon – is a dangerous substance for humans?
Almost all kinds of substances have negative boiling point, so it is used in the cooling elements appliances like pushing element in gas cans, air fresheners and other aerosols. So when spraying himself balloon cools and the refrigerant into the air. If no refrigerant heat to 250 degrees (at a temperature out toxic substances), it is absolutely harmless to humans, that is not the ozone layer. Products decay destroy it. The main reason for the formation of the ozone hole is the production and use of freon high in chlorine and bromine ions. The leak of the substance to home appliances to visually detect smell and can not, small doses on humans have no influence.

Freon – is the temperature of the refrigerant. Freon in the refrigerator
To restore the ozone layer and reducing the production of harmful CFCs UN countries signed and ratified the Montreal Protocol.
What is the freon in refrigerators?
Modern compressor refrigerators are in the form of cameras placed inside the evaporator, which includes a refrigerant. This substance is boiling and evaporation takes heat from the chamber and in the process of condensation transmits it to the environment. This air is cooled to the required temperature, and the gas returns to the compressor and changes its aggregate state to liquid. Freon in the refrigerator is just in the evaporator. In other words, it is an important component of the system, due to which there is a cooling refrigeration chambers.
Freon – is the temperature of the refrigerant. Freon in the refrigerator
How to understand the leakage of refrigerant from the refrigerator
It is clear that this matter – one of the main components of a functioning technology. Freon leak causes damage to vehicles and the inability to use it for other purposes. The most common cause of this problem – the evaporator tube damage or plant waste. As this volatile gas is odorless, it is impossible to identify the olfactory receptors.
However, there are some signs which can determine the leak. Freon in the refrigerator is under pressure, and when the damaged tube evaporator, it is beginning to fall. Consequently, in the refrigerator and the freezer temperature rises, and the products begin to rapidly deteriorate. This is the first sign that you should check the integrity of the cooling system of the device. As mentioned earlier, the refrigerant is not dangerous to humans at temperatures above 250 degrees, and heat it to a temperature at home is impossible.
The most common refrigerant leak
First of all – this pipe joints. In any solder cracks can form as long because of the equipment and k and because of factory defects. Also common is refrigerant leakage in places connecting tubes evaporator refrigeration and freezers. Sealing can be found on the back and highways connecting the heart and refrigerator evaporator.

How to repair the leak?
Filling freon refrigerator at home without professional assistance impossible. As for the need of special equipment and materials (vacuum pump, soldering torch, dispenser collector with pressure, the metal for soldering, special flux). To identify tightness tubes using a special device that resembles a metal detector. Once the wizard detects the location of damage and zapayaet this area, eliminating leakage, vacuum pump pumped gas remaining and dressed again. Filling occurs by connecting the gas cylinder to the nozzle located on the refrigerator compressor housing through a capillary tube, sealed connection implemented key.
Freon – is the temperature of the refrigerant. Freon in the refrigerator
After that the refrigerant in the refrigerator again begins to circulate properly and the temperature in the chambers is in accordance with the standards for refrigeration devices.