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The most interesting fact about chemistry. Organic chemistry: Interesting Facts

By the late 19th century as a science formed organic chemistry. Interesting facts help to better understand the world and learn how new scientific discoveries were made.
The most interesting fact about chemistry. Organic chemistry: Interesting Facts
“Living” course
The first interesting fact about chemistry concerning extraordinary food. One of the most famous Japanese dishes – “Odori Don” – “dancing squid.” Many kind of shocking shevelyascheho tentacles of squid on the plate. But do not worry, he did not suffer long and feels nothing. Svezheosvezhevannoho squid placed in a bowl of rice before serving pour soy sauce. Squid tentacles begin to decline. This is due to the particular structure of the nerve fibers, which for some time after the death of the animal react with sodium ions contained in the sauce, causing the muscles to contract.

Accidental discovery
Interesting facts about chemistry often relate to discoveries made by accident. Thus, in 1903, Edward Benedyktus, the famous French chemist who invented unbreakable glass. A scientist accidentally dropped the flask, which was filled nytrotsellyulozoy. He noticed that the bottle broke, but the glass is shattered to pieces. After the necessary research chemist found that in this way you can create Shock glass. So the first fight of glass for cars, which significantly reduced the number of injuries in a car accident.
The most interesting fact about chemistry. Organic chemistry: Interesting Facts
Live sensor
Interesting facts about chemistry sensitivity narrate the use of animals for human benefit. Up to 1986 miners took with them into the ground canaries. The fact that these birds are extremely sensitive to mine gases, particularly methane and carbon monoxide. Even small concentrations of these substances in the air, the bird may die. Miners listen to birds singing and watched her being. If the canary showing concern or starts to weaken, it is a signal to what you want to keep mine.

The bird does not necessarily dying from poisoning the fresh air it quickly became better. Applied even special sealed cells closed with signs of poisoning. Even today invented device feels ore gases is as thin as a canary.
An interesting fact about chemistry, another accidental invention – rubber. Charles Goodyear, an American scientist, discovered the recipe for rubber, which does not melt in the heat and breaks in the cold. He casually heating a mixture of sulfur and rubber, leaving it on the stove. The process of rubber vulcanization was named.

Another interesting fact about chemistry, penicillin was invented by accident. Alexander Fleming forgot tube with bacteria Staphylococcus aureus for several days. When thought about it, I found that the colony dies. The whole thing mold, which began to destroy bacteria. It is for fungi scientist received the world’s first antibiotic.
Interesting facts about chemistry can deny mystical history. We often hear about the old house full of ghosts. And the thing is outdated and poorly running the heating system. A carbon monoxide leak, causing poisoning in residents having headaches, and auditory and visual hallucinations.

The most interesting fact about chemistry. Organic chemistry: Interesting Facts
The gray cardinals of plants
Interesting facts about proteins. Chemistry can explain the behavior of animals and plants. In the course of evolution many plants have developed mechanisms to protect against herbivores. Often, they emit a poison plant, but scientists have discovered more subtle method of protection. Some plants produce substances that attract predators! Predators regulate the number of herbivores and deter them from a place of growth “smart” plants. This mechanism is even in our usual plants such as tomatoes and cucumbers. For example, caterpillars pidtochyla cucumber leaf, and the smell was isolated juice attracted birds.
Defenders of proteins
Interesting facts: chemistry and medicine are closely linked. During experiments on mice virologists discovered interferon. This protein is produced in all vertebrates. Of the infected cells secreted a special protein – interferon. He has no antiviral effect, but contact with healthy cells and makes them immune to the virus.
The most interesting fact about chemistry. Organic chemistry: Interesting Facts
The smell of metal
We usually think that coin, handrails in public transport, handrails and so on. D. Smelling metal. That’s just the smell allocates no metal and compounds that formed in collision with a metal surface of organic substances such as human sweat. To people feel the characteristic smell, you need quite a bit of reagents.
Building material
Interesting facts about proteins. Chemistry studies the proteins recently. They emerged more than 4 billion years ago, inexplicably. Proteins are the building blocks of all living organisms, other forms of life science unknown. Half of the dry weight of most living organisms make proteins.
The most interesting fact about chemistry. Organic chemistry: Interesting Facts
Interesting Facts. Chemistry and soda
In 1767 Joseph Priestley interest nature of bubbles that come out of beer during fermentation. He collected gas to a cup of water, which tried to taste. The water was nice and refreshing. Thus, the scientist discovered carbon dioxide, which is now used to produce soda. Five years later, he described a more efficient method of gas.

This interesting fact about chemistry suggests that many scientific discoveries were made almost by accident. A curious incident led to the discovery of properties of sucralose, the modern substitute for sugar. Hugh Leslie, the professor from London who studies the properties of the new material tryhlorsaharoza, instructed his assistant Shashykantu Phadnysu test it (test in English). A student who speaks English poorly understood as the word “taste” of what it means to try to talk and immediately executed order. Sucralose was very sweet.

Skatole – is an organic compound that is formed in the intestines of animals and humans. It is a substance causes the characteristic smell of feces. But if high concentrations skatole has the smell of feces, in a small number of the substance has a pleasant smell, reminiscent of cream or jasmine. So skatole used to flavor perfumes, foodstuffs and tobacco.
Cat and iodine
Interesting fact about chemistry – the opening of iodine was directly involved most common cat. Pharmacist and chemist Bernard Courtois usually dined in the laboratory, and it is often joined by a cat who liked to sit on the shoulders of the owner. After another meal the cat jumped on the floor while throwing containers of sulfuric acid and seaweed ash suspension in ethanol, which stood at the desktop. Fluids were mixed, and the air began to climb purple couples on subjects osedavshyy small black and purple crystals. It was opened a new chemical element.

Freon – is the temperature of the refrigerant. Freon in the refrigerator

Each house has appliances for the production and efficiency of such a substance which is used as the refrigerant. This substance is known as an excellent refrigerant used in all fridges so you can store food and ready meals for a longer period than the ambient temperature. This article will tell freon – what is the matter, where it is used, what temperature it is.
History of discovery
Various sources call the first two dates synthesis Freon – 1928 and 1931 years. Correct that the date of birth of the refrigerant 1928 year. It was then a prominent chemist Frigidaire Company, a subsidiary corporation General Motors, Thomas Mydhley, brought “miracle substance” and gave him the name “Freon”. Later engineers who were engaged in industrial production of gas introduced Freon-12 designation as «R» (in translation «Refrigerant» stands refrigerant or coolant). The second date with the advent of Freon link nepravlno as early as 1930, the company was founded Kinetic Chemical Company, whose activities had to be directed to the production of this product.

Freon – is that?
A mixture of ethane and methane as fluorinated derivatives of low molecular weight hydrocarbons where hydrogen atoms may be replaced by fluorine, chlorine, bromine. Widely used in refrigerators (refrigerators, freezers, air conditioners and so on. N). Many wonder, freon – a gas or a liquid? Correct answer: the substance may have and both physical state.
The most common types of Freon
Science has known for more than 40 types of substances, most of which goes to industrial way. The temperature of refrigerant at which it boils, each species has its own:

R11 – tryhlorftormetan (t boil 238 ° C).
R12 – Difluorodichloromethane (t boil and equipment -298 ° C).
R13 – CHLOROTRIFLUOROMETHANE (t boil and equipment -815 ° C).
R14 – tetraftormetan (t boil and equipment -128 ° C).
R134A – tetraftorэtan (t boil and equipment -263 ° C).
R22 – Chlorodifluoromethane (t boil and equipment -408 ° C).
R600A – isobutane (t boiling equipment -1173 ° C).
R410A – hloroftorokarbonat (t boil and equipment -514 ° C).
Typically, home refrigerators running on Freon (refrigerant) marks R-22 industrial and trade mark use R-13.
Freon – is the temperature of the refrigerant. Freon in the refrigerator
Freon – is a dangerous substance for humans?
Almost all kinds of substances have negative boiling point, so it is used in the cooling elements appliances like pushing element in gas cans, air fresheners and other aerosols. So when spraying himself balloon cools and the refrigerant into the air. If no refrigerant heat to 250 degrees (at a temperature out toxic substances), it is absolutely harmless to humans, that is not the ozone layer. Products decay destroy it. The main reason for the formation of the ozone hole is the production and use of freon high in chlorine and bromine ions. The leak of the substance to home appliances to visually detect smell and can not, small doses on humans have no influence.

Freon – is the temperature of the refrigerant. Freon in the refrigerator
To restore the ozone layer and reducing the production of harmful CFCs UN countries signed and ratified the Montreal Protocol.
What is the freon in refrigerators?
Modern compressor refrigerators are in the form of cameras placed inside the evaporator, which includes a refrigerant. This substance is boiling and evaporation takes heat from the chamber and in the process of condensation transmits it to the environment. This air is cooled to the required temperature, and the gas returns to the compressor and changes its aggregate state to liquid. Freon in the refrigerator is just in the evaporator. In other words, it is an important component of the system, due to which there is a cooling refrigeration chambers.
Freon – is the temperature of the refrigerant. Freon in the refrigerator
How to understand the leakage of refrigerant from the refrigerator
It is clear that this matter – one of the main components of a functioning technology. Freon leak causes damage to vehicles and the inability to use it for other purposes. The most common cause of this problem – the evaporator tube damage or plant waste. As this volatile gas is odorless, it is impossible to identify the olfactory receptors.
However, there are some signs which can determine the leak. Freon in the refrigerator is under pressure, and when the damaged tube evaporator, it is beginning to fall. Consequently, in the refrigerator and the freezer temperature rises, and the products begin to rapidly deteriorate. This is the first sign that you should check the integrity of the cooling system of the device. As mentioned earlier, the refrigerant is not dangerous to humans at temperatures above 250 degrees, and heat it to a temperature at home is impossible.
The most common refrigerant leak
First of all – this pipe joints. In any solder cracks can form as long because of the equipment and k and because of factory defects. Also common is refrigerant leakage in places connecting tubes evaporator refrigeration and freezers. Sealing can be found on the back and highways connecting the heart and refrigerator evaporator.

How to repair the leak?
Filling freon refrigerator at home without professional assistance impossible. As for the need of special equipment and materials (vacuum pump, soldering torch, dispenser collector with pressure, the metal for soldering, special flux). To identify tightness tubes using a special device that resembles a metal detector. Once the wizard detects the location of damage and zapayaet this area, eliminating leakage, vacuum pump pumped gas remaining and dressed again. Filling occurs by connecting the gas cylinder to the nozzle located on the refrigerator compressor housing through a capillary tube, sealed connection implemented key.
Freon – is the temperature of the refrigerant. Freon in the refrigerator
After that the refrigerant in the refrigerator again begins to circulate properly and the temperature in the chambers is in accordance with the standards for refrigeration devices.

For how many years can marry?

Marriage – step, of course, responsible, and every girl lays on a beautiful wedding with a handsome groom. A navoobrazhav such a beauty, wonder girls “from how many years can marry?”, Very much in a wedding dress to get out of the interior design madison you want.

There are also cases where the guy with the girl there for many years and are eager to get married, for such couples the question “how many years can marry (marry)?” Is even more acute. So, for how many years can apply to the registrar? more info

How many years can marry under the law?
Let’s start with Russia – on how many years the law can get married in Russia? Family Code set the marriage age (number of years upon reaching which a person can marry) 18. But if good reason can marry (but not required) and sixteen. Also, if there are special circumstances due to the laws of marriage may be concluded and to achieve sixteen.

And with how many years Ukraine marry? Until recently it was allowed to be married seventeen years, but the Family Code of Ukraine in April 2012 adopted spa madison to raise the age of marriage for women. Now it is like in 18 years. But the right to marry can be obtained girl (or boys) 16 years by a court in the event that the marriage is in the interests of couples wishing to marry. Previously, the minimum age for marriage was 14 years. read

When it’s time to get married?

Perhaps many girls wanting marriage grabbed his head, knowing that will have to wait eighteenth birthday, as no special circumstances and is not valid. And of course, older ladies try to comfort them, saying hurry nowhere more time to family life sip of a large spoon. Both generations of its own truth, but probably not important how old you can be married window repair Madison the law, and when to do it. After all, age is not important, it is the 30-year-old lady behaves infantile, totally not understanding what responsibility it should take over, married. But there are cases where 16-year-old girl and a baby amusing, and with the economy rises, and feels happy. Everything depends on the person, each of us age, when it is time to get married, is different. here

But how then to find your own marriage age if the question “How many years with a woman marry” the veil of secrecy raises? And who told you that we must ask someone else’s opinion? There are prejudices among the ladies “30 years married did not come out, so no one zhodylasya,” and that’s why girls run to the registrar, trying to make it to the critical age.
For how many years can marry? And it does not matter that a couple of years they divorced – a match made in haste usually is not durable. So based on prejudices and friends experience is not necessary. Your time to get married, come when you pet grooming Madison to start a family with the same man that is near, but not at the time when you want a beautiful ceremony and suddenly find that the current sexual partner able to pay it all.

If the thought of others, too, can be a counselor in the matter of marriage, then the last hope for doctors. They say that the best age for a first birth 23-25 years. So, should try by all means to get in those terms? Even if children do not want to, even if the man that is the role of the lover does not pull? Perhaps the issue when it’s time to marry, and medicine is powerless. info

And about what age can we talk? The family is not numbers, it is emotion, desire and commitment between two people who decided to live a long stretch of life together. And no matter how many years these people – 16 or 89.

Drives to rejoice: seek and you shall find

In life, sometimes there are events from which everything seems unbearable, gray and dreary. Surely in these moments are so bad? Maybe we just do not notice a lot of positive things that happen around us? Maybe we just pay much interior design madison to what happens in the life of negativity? It should just look at it from another angle, as a reason for joy is always there, no matter what happens.
Drives for joy is inside all of us
Many immediately zaprotestuyut and zadadutsya question: “How can I be happy when there are financial problems, headache, and children show poor spa madison and does not get along with other children?”. For every person there is a reason for sadness, so we arranged. And because most people live by the principle – reason to rejoice always come from the outside. This can be a gift or favor to anyone, made a good deal more. read here

Drives to rejoice: seek and you shall find

Awareness of the fact that people can find reason for joy in being able to expand its capabilities and priorities in life changed dramatically. Then he will be able to choose between joy and sadness.

Difficulties with which most people face
Change your pattern of thought is incredibly difficult for most people. Here the fear of failure and negative experiences of the past, and difficulties in life right now. info

Moreover, another problem – a lack of faith in the better. When a man several decades living under the yoke of bad emotions and expectations of all guile and all, it is physically difficult to readjust. Finding good is the main stage for a joyful life. Try it and you will see that joy will not have much need. health USA

Reasons for Joy: A list of 10 items

The ability to love. Zakohuytesya, let yourself be loved.
Technological progress. What is not a reason for joy, because you can without getting up from window repair Madison favorite couch, enjoy a tour of the Louvre or see the highest mountains.
The ability to dream, visualize and enjoying sweet dreams. A dream come true – verified information.
The ability to have a pet. Allergy to hair? No problem! Parrot – beautiful cohabitants, and even charm silent fish will not leave you indifferent.
The benefits of civilization. Do you have a warm bed? The light in the house and hot water? This is a great reason to rejoice!
Delicious food. Interesting drinks (not necessary, or even desirable, alcohol). Try something new, try emotions. more info

A variety of weather conditions. Just imagine someone all year living among the snow or, conversely, does not see it ever. You can see the snow, and fog and rain, and the sun!
Financial stability. You can be sure that tomorrow you will have money to buy food or even indulge in some trinkets? Congratulations, you have many happier! And this is reason for joy!
The modern world provides a huge number of opportunities for development and self-expression of his “I”. Use this!
Theatres, cinema, music, zoos, pet grooming Madison, water parks, sculpture and architecture. We live in a world that is full of all sorts of entertainment. here

Drives to rejoice: seek and you shall find

As you can see, to find reasons for joy – it’s really very simple. Make your life happy, add notes to it creative and fruitful work on themselves. And you’ll see how it changes. No need to wait for up to Monday of the month or year. Just start right now rejoice, because your eyes to a whole list of all kinds of occasions!

Abstract thinking and especially its development

Feature of abstract thinking is that it concentrates on thinking about this or that subject as a whole, window repair Madison on its details. Often it is becoming the driving force of new discoveries. It is interesting that it is present in every person from birth and the level of development depends on how often it was used and pay attention to training.  stylist Miami

There are three main forms of abstract thinking: the concept, judgment and reasoning. The concept indicates the specific items that combined several or one basis. This is something with which we meet once begin to learn to speak. Home, interior design madison, river – all concepts. Judgments – our denial or approval that may be short or long. The first judgment kids are like “a cow makes th”, “car rides.” Inference more complex forms of thinking, because it is the conclusion of the existing judgment. “The tank is gasoline and the driver behind the wheel, then the car will go now” – this conclusion. interior design Miami
Is it possible to develop a child’s abstract thinking?

Man’s ability to think exists in him from birth, it is not to interfere in this process of education. There is a huge amount of literature, educational games and expert advice to help develop abstract thinking. Among the exercises many puzzles, riddles, which attracted the attention of the child. No less is effective and works of music, dance, painting. limo service Miami

Abstract thinking and especially its development

To get the maximum benefit should be paid to the development of abstract thinking an hour dance studio in Madison times a week. This way your child will learn to find original ideas and solutions that, perhaps in the near future will change the world. pets in USA

How to develop abstract thinking?

As we pet grooming Madison said, there are many exercises that can develop their abstract thinking. All are interesting and exciting, so no problems with the child.
Theatre of shadows

One of the most popular and interesting – the theater of shadows. From this breathtaking and, in fact, it is pure water abstraction. With shadow can do anything, because you will create various images by playing them. more here

Abstract thinking and especially its development
To arrange a home theater shadows you need:

Desk lamp


Cardboard figures that you can do yourself
Encourage your child to play his favorite fairy tale. So he will involve his abstract thinking and memory.

You can also play with the shadows on the wall when using hands created different images. Offer spa madison a bird flying, dog, rabbit. Then the child will begin to create their own Abstraction.

Abstract thinking and especially its development
Trenuyemosya the clouds

This it is the most simple and always available exercises. Every time out for a walk offer your child to look at the clouds and describe what they look like. This is a very exciting experience, who with no less joy involved adults.
At first you can help a little child, her push much thought. In this case, you can come up with interesting stories. So he loved this activity will continue to grow it in the game. spa service Miami

Abstract thinking is not difficult to develop, the main thing to do it systematically and encourage the child in his attempts to dream. Talk with him, helping to make first simple, then complex reasoning. more info

How to become a confident girl?

Confidence every need and girls – is a must. It is much easier to go through life confidently looking ahead and no doubt in their abilities than ever to look at the opinion of others and fear of each new step. Bold and strong women always attract attention, including jealousy less successful friends. pet grooming Miami The question is how to become a confident girl, if you do not have such a strong character that is not afraid of criticism. It’s in your hands, but on the character and self-quenching will work. K Fortunately, even in this difficult matter, as love itself, can correct previous mistakes. Let a child you do not consider themselves beautiful and / or clever, but parents are not instilled confidence that you window repair Madison do anything. Never too late to raise awareness about the girl if she feels this need. The inner desire – is the first step in order to become a confident person, regardless of age, gender and lifestyle accessories. After all, our grandmothers were more difficult to express themselves, while modern girls have every opportunity to become more confident in themselves and happier.

What is confidence and where does it come from? Basics of self-love
Women’s self-confidence – a relatively new phenomenon, strange as it may sound, after we talked about matriarchy in school lessons of ancient history. But it pet grooming Madison his school years, often, and promote the development and / or strengthening of self-doubt. Teenage girls doubt their attractiveness and afraid to look ridiculous, and it would be great if mom or even a school psychologist explained how to be confident. Unfortunately, most girls and mature with larger or smaller complexes rooted in their soul. more

Just a century ago, girls did not think about how to become confident. Commoner once had to think about things and noble ladies possessed innate self-confidence. However, and confidence was quite different than that held by modern women. Today, in order to become confident, the girl must first love yourself and take all advantages and disadvantages. And interior design madison, step by step, change their relationship for benefits. But this requires the same confidence and reliance Surely circle ?! Do not even think upset. Just walk a little test confidence. Think about what makes up the ability to love yourself and be confident:
Relationships in the family are laying the foundation of self-esteem and self-love. Is dislike – it is as “lucky”. But the fact that our systems have their origin in childhood, no doubt. You believe in yourself, if you admired since childhood and admired. If parents do not skimp on the well-deserved praise and willing to communicate with you, you will just be confident.  here Conversely, accusations and lack of love in childhood have a negative impact on self-esteem future.
Character and temperament are laid by nature, and education can only adjust them slightly. So even the smallest children behave differently: some boldly, some timidly. But parents can help a child become more spa madison in themselves, if time teach him to love and appreciate yourself no matter what.

Environment affects the self-esteem of girls when she talks to classmates, friends, acquaintances and strangers. Sometimes even the occasional phrase that has fallen on fertile ground children complexes sprouting deep self-doubt, which you can get rid of only with great effort, and even then not always.
How to become a confident girl? stylist Miami

Appearance and Health does not always depend on our will, but always affect self-esteem. Cute girls always like the first adult, later – peers. Simple children are not adults cause a storm of positive emotions feel less confident in the team peers. Formed of himself difficult to change even in adulthood.
Luck, luck – quite unpredictable, but powerful factors shaping confidence. Yes, and how not to believe if life circumstances develop in your favor, and success is accompanied in all endeavors. It is important to understand what the cause, and that – the result. That is, you believe in yourself, because you luck or fortune smiles thanks to your confidence. interior design Miami
In this duality lies the secret of confidence. If you declare, you can increase self-esteem and be sure to become a confident girl. Clearly, the road has great and difficult, but at every step it you will notice a change for the better, every day will become more confident and calmer.

Improves self-esteem. The girls become confident?
No one is immune from failure, lack of understanding from relatives and indifference of people around. But that’s no reason to ever give up their ambitions and remain diffident girl. Life goes on, and only you decide what it is today and the future. Let the doubts and uncertainties remain in the past, but you have to make a decision and be finally confident. limo service Miami That’s your plan for victory over the other:
Analyze the parent plant. Remember how Mom and Dad turned to you as a child that said older sister, was comfortable with his grandmother. Separate dance studio in Madison and sweet memories of unpleasant moments etched in memory. Now get that little man that you were not able to win any criticism or dissatisfaction adults. Their bad mood – a consequence of their contemporary problems and their complexes. You are not guilty and should not be responsible in your life. Every child deserves unconditional love and if you received less then it’s time to independently compensate this loss of genuine love for itself. dance Miami
How to become a confident girl?

Find out yourself. Everyone is gifted differently. And you are not gifted with less or even more than others, just decided to become self-confident girl. What you can not and that gives special satisfaction? These are your strengths that will bring you success and confidence. Perhaps they have not noticed, then it’s time to show others that you know how to cook, cut and sew clothing, write poetry, to find common language with children memorize long texts, transfer of Portuguese and / or sing a capella. Beautiful hair, good luck and hard work, too, and deserve respect – especially! – Self-esteem.

Take disadvantages. If you are not confident, then recall them specifically have you and so will definitely keep them in mind. It is time to look this fear in the face and admit that they are not so terrible as you used to think. Yes, you cover girl and do not know English perfectly. Let your growth to 5 cm less than desired and you can not sing, so what? This is not the greatest disadvantages, and may not flaws at all. In any case, the world is full of people who live worse than you.
Rozvyvaytesya especially considering self-examination, as described in the previous two paragraphs. Do focus on your strengths and move forward based on an existing advantage. Correct flaws, if you care about. Neutral in those areas that will feel confident and proud of themselves.
Choose friends on your own and do not let the unpleasant people interfere in your environment. Arrange thought “casting” or “interview” on the right to call your friend. Save the relationships with those who love you, believe in your strength and not abusive. Without doubt rozluchaytesya with energy vampires and those who lowers your self-esteem. If for objective reasons can not stop to talk to a colleague gloomy, head-tyrant or a neighbor, a boor, pinch contact with them to a minimum and even follow the official tone to that time, until you can clear your life from these destructive people. more info

What if everything bad and nothing happens

Probably not in the world no one who is not at least once asked himself the question: “What to do when bad things in life?”. The reasons for this whole set, nothing can go oblychchyastomu life, business or work. If you are in this situation, you interior design madison not need to despair, there is always a way out.

What to do when bad things in life oblychchyastomu?

What if everything is pet grooming Madison and nothing goes oblychchyaste If your life is not, then, first of all, you need to understand what is the reason for these failures.
First, think carefully about what should be your second half in which the field work, which possess traits. Visualize in your mind the portrait of the second half. more Imagine how that person looks like, how old he is. Once the portrait is complete, start to act. Start by attending various cultural events (concerts, exhibitions, museums), make new acquaintances.
You must always be ready to spa services in Madison with the other half, so watch out for them, buy a good dress, because as the proverb says, meet on clothes.
Try to always look amazing. First, it will give confidence, and secondly, the opposite sex will start to pay attention to you.
And another tip, do not waste your time on unsuitable candidates, otherwise all your efforts will be in vain. click

What if things are bad at work?

Like it or not, and the work of a man spends most of his time. Sometimes it so that things are going to work it does not matter. It may spoil the mood window repair Madison boss, or your team is a person who you severely annoying, so much so that to go to work and do not want. How can that be, if the work is bad?
Unfortunately, in our time can not work afford only wealthy people. If you do not want your financial situation has worsened, and you have formed the debt, then you go to work still have.
Head clings to you? Then you need to decide proved his carping or not. If substantiated, the attempt to reform. You might carelessly relate to perform your duties, and therefore your job a lot of mistakes and shortcomings. If you are not familiar with something, do not hesitate to ask for help and advice from colleagues. As the proverb says, not holy pots. Everything can be learned, it would wish.
It happens that a person is not in their vocation. Parents insisted on joining the prestigious university, and profession for which you learned, you do not like. computer repair Miami
What about then? In this case, you need to understand what you really like and try to realize themselves in the field. Remember that life is one, and so want to live it as best you can. The work should bring joy and pleasure.
What if everything bad and nothing happens
What to do when bad things in business?

Situations when a person puts their hand and money in any business, and it brings him income, pretty much. Many simply “dip hands” of despair. First, try to unwind a bit and not think about the problems piled up on you. Believe me, after you rest, you must come to sensible thoughts and ideas on how to get out of this situation. If your business idea does not work, then try to understand the reason for failure. Finding the cause, you’ll find the right solution for its removal.

What to do when things are bad and do not want to live?

If you have prolonged depression, which you just can not handle it without the support professional can not do. Be sure to seek medical help from your doctor, as depression – is a mental disorder, sometimes requiring medication.

What is the moral choice of man?

Have you ever met a conversation is such a thing as a “real man” or “real woman”? Despite the fact that they have no clear definition or decrypt, and each raises under this something, the essence remains the same for all.
Often referred to as people who are outstanding representatives example of morality. What does it mean? Probably these people live by certain rules and have their own system of values, basic principles of which are in the window repair Madison of conscience, honor, kindness, duty, justice. These people live “right”, thus, deserves approval and recognition from family and friends.
What is the moral choice of man?
Sooner or later every person before the question of moral choice, whether male or female, does not matter. What is the moral choice of man? It is a choice between “good” and “evil” between what is “good” and what is “bad”. read more
And even despite the fact that the scope and boundaries between these concepts rather vague and abstract even for many of us it is still denoted something similar.
We were born and live in a free society where everyone has the right to do as he likes, making it interior design madison determining factor was the freedom of moral choice of every person. What turns this freedom?
Level morality men or women, is largely determined by their actions and behavior, with as daily, and in some extreme situations. An important factor is the attitude to certain things and position in life in general, because this man is able to express themselves as creative and independent.

Consider a simple example: a moral or “real” man called who behaves in accordance with the ethical standards of society, marriage appreciates and spa services in Madison his family, respects family and is able to make responsible decisions that lives “right.”
The same goes for women’s moral choice: a faithful wife, a good mother, a pet grooming Madison woman and so on. By the way the “sex before marriage – is bad or not” – also applies to questions of ethics and morality, and everyone they know, their own.
What is the moral choice of man?
Also measure morality is such an important character trait, which, incidentally, is not everyone like willpower. Generally it is believed that people generally have moral qualities such as strength, wisdom, sometimes even stiffness, the ability to make the right decisions, and tolerance for others and unsinkable sense of justice. dance Miami
When a person makes a choice in favor of all these spiritual principles, he finds a way, traffic conditions to help him grow, develop and move in the right direction.

Examples of moral choice in literature

Have you ever wondered why school Literature built that way, sometimes including a work that is not always subject to more fragile minds of students?
The value system is changing with catastrophic speed, “at times at customs,” as some people would say generation. However, successive century, and the new generation imbued with the same ideas. Accidentally? Unlikely. spa Miami
What is the moral choice of man?
For example, what about the choice of Andrew Bologna, the protagonist of the famous novel by Leo Tolstoy, who was ready to sacrifice everything most dear and intimate that he was in life, for the sake of fleeting fame. And what were his subsequent heavy disappointment!
A moral choices hero story “The destiny of man” who betrayed their homeland for a piece of bread. A striking example of morality – known writer Anna Akhmatova survived many misfortunes, years of neglect, years of terrible repression, arrest and son shot her husband, but, nevertheless, remained strong and committed to its stance. What moral choice for you?

How to organize your time to enjoy life?

The question of the proper organization of their own time – important and absolutely incomprehensible to many, often can hear something like: “Just now, I have enough time,” “Come next time, I do not have time today” and so on.
And there is nothing wrong if this spa services in Madison is repeated only once, much worse if people regularly do not have time to permanently leave important things for later, and as a result, everything would really like, such as a break with friends or spend time with family fails.
Have you ever thought window repair Madison the fact that most successful people have failed to reach any heights in life, it is those with very young age really able to dispose of their precious time.
Actually, it’s not that hard, and if you wonder goal, it is realistic to change its character, instill habits that positively correct your future.
If you decide to sit down and pet grooming in Madison your day carefully will think about his usual schedule is much surprised how much time is spent senselessly and stupidly, because it can be spent on something really important, such as a favorite hobby.
Like all make it?

How to organize your time so that your life is no longer constantly remind confusion and haste, as all have time?
It is important to learn to allocate their precious hours so that your to-do list were important and minor, and mandatory rest time to complete, during which you will not disturb daily care, take a moment to himself or his family.
When put together, the first and most effective way – is to create a blog oblychchyastyy daily affairs, something like a diary. Learn every evening devote a little bit of time when you can write to your blog all you want to do tomorrow, of course, try to look at things realistically.
Write need all that you have is time moving around the city, the time required for the morning swinging (not all wake up quickly), working hours, time for hobbies, you may have promised to help someone, in short, everything that you think important and not.

Then enjoy a division of cases into two lists – primary and secondary. At first this may seem like a daunting task, because everything and classes seem very important, but, eventually, you start given it easier and clearer.
We need to start like this: you are issued with cases seem most complex and energy intensive? That’s it and need to do first, do not hesitate challenges to late evening, when the head ceases to operate fully.
Do not assign a meeting early in the morning, if you know well that it is hard to get up in the morning. Overall it is that you should always make amendments to the individual characteristics of the organism: some productive all able to work in the morning and one in the evening, depending on it, and put your schedule.
Point two – do not try to make it all yourself, use the help of people, if possible. Believe me, it will save you time, vykroyivshy you have an hour of free time.
Children can always wash the dishes, younger employees go on your behalf (of course, abuse is not required), and beloved husband, if necessary, prepare a breakfast or dinner will clean house, you just ask!
Another important point – a list specifying in each case the approximate time that you can spend on it. First, it will help you to choose the priority of the case, and secondly, you will know exactly how much time you can realistically spend, do not spray at all sorts of stuff

Perfectionists very kind to each case, which involved, and, depending on the important task or not, try to do it as much as possible correctly, accurately and, of course, perfect. But as it turned out, it is inefficient to try to be the best in all, it leads to strong promedlenyyam that prevent you from moving forward.
And finally – be sure to relax. Plan your holidays as well as work to highlight it and be given time there are no such cases that could have earned him deny.
Turn off the phone and social networks, try to forget about the case and that you have forgotten something and do not have time to do it tomorrow. Someone working life to ever relax, rest and someone to work. Well, the choice is yours.

Psychological personality types

Manifestation of emotion and speed thinking, creativity, and creativity, value orientation and manner of communication, especially the intellectual dance studio Madison of all these psychological parameters specific to each person. They can appear more or less depending on age, clearly grow in extreme situations and reduced to a minimum in a state of stability. info
The term “psycho”
Everyone is unique to its own set of psychological characteristics. But at the same time, this diversity does not exclude the similarities between people. With their differences, they can be roughly grouped into certain aggregate. Within window repair in madison group, its members will have more similarities with each other than with other similar associations.

Although each person reacts to certain situations differently, there is a certain algorithm of the scheme of action, which may follow very different at first glance, people. This is due to the presence of such a phenomenon as the psychological types oblychchyastosti.
Types oblychchyastosti
Psychological oblychchyastosti types can be divided into subtypes and types, yet experts spa services in Madison eight main psycho.
Shyzoydnыy type oblychchyastosti. Representatives of this group are not inclined to commit heroic or spontaneous actions, they think more than make; no attempt to stand out and remain quite satisfied if they do not notice and do not disturb on trifles.
Ysteroydnыy type oblychchyastosti. Such people always stand out in the crowd. This applies pet grooming in Madison to the appearance (bright clothes, unusual hairstyle), and to actions and lifestyle (predisposition to creativity and rebellion).
Эpyleptoydnыy type oblychchyastosti. Calculating, meticulous, pedantic, selfish. Always insist on their right, and if entry into sharp confrontation may become aggressive.
Hypertymnыy type oblychchyastosti. Holders of this type have a pronounced leadership qualities, able to think outside the box, have a tendency to rash actions.
Asthenic type oblychchyastosti. So people have an extra modesty, bordering zakompleksovannostyu. This quality gives rise to insecurity and isolation.
Labile type oblychchyastosti. Mood and behavior of this psycho can change every minute. They are very emotional, all their experiences (both positive negative) have very high amplitude.
Senzytyvnыy type oblychchyastosti. It is characteristic of the quality of these people – obraslyvist. They may get upset by little things, not able to defend their point of view, have a huge amount of complexes.
The volatile type oblychchyastosti. Powered, infantile people not wanting anything to anyone argue that “drifting.” Under the influence of other people are free to change their views on any, even a very important issue.

Psychological traits rulers hypertymnoho type oblychchyastosti
Hypertymnыy nature affects not only human behavior but also largely determines the choice of profession and lifestyle. Domestic psychologists PB Hannushkyn and GE Sukharev studied in detail the type of people to whom they gave a more refined name of “constitutional-excited.” They concluded that people with such character very sociable, active lifestyle. Sometimes there are too independent, overestimating their capabilities. as early as adolescence hypertymы seeking everywhere to show their leadership qualities as the company of peers and older people. This often leads to abuse their chain of command, such as communicating with parents or teachers.

Psychological Types oblychchyastosti main feature hypertymnыh people – almost always good, even elation. But in rare cases of “radiance” can change irritability, outbursts of anger and aggression.

The behavior of people with psycho hypertymnыm
Uncontrollable desire to be active and to all the new and the unknown often causes promiscuity in choosing friends. Psychological studies show that among hypertymov often are alcoholics and drug addicts. This is one of the consequences of the violent reaction to the capture. If enthusiasm is directed in the right channel, such people may become bright creative oblychchyastostyamy.

Another characteristic feature – a high vitality. Some representatives of this psycho correctly using this money, become very successful. But there are others who spend the tone for this burning life. Excessive confidence creates the illusion that it will always be good. As a result, people can hypertymnыy to waste themselves on rough, not always healthy lifestyle. But at the same time misleading to believe that at any moment it can change your life for the better.
Hypertymnыy oblychchyastosti type: classification
The extremes in behavior and lifestyle hypertymov really have a place to be. The differences between them are caused divisions within psycho, which is especially evident in adolescence in the formation oblychchyastisnyh qualities.

Psychological Types oblychchyastosti Hypertymno-unstable character type occurs most often. It’s easy to admire people who can convince just enough of anything. And even quite absurd point of view they will defend with great vigor, if they themselves are sure in it. But to impose this view unstable hypertymam not make great work
Hypertymnotype not often evident. From the name it is clear that such people are in the nature of a features.
Hypertymno-affective different type of enhanced display affective outbursts of anger and irritability that often occur when such people in life there are obstacles or setbacks occur.

Hypertymnыe teenagers
The main features of oblychchyastostey is striving for leadership othodchyvost after violent conflict, lack of timidity in dealing with others, craving for adventure and risky behavior. Hypertymnыy type oblychchyastosti teenagers often causes excessive autonomy and sociability illegible.
In training, if possible good abilities and achievements, but at the same time restlessness, distraction, carelessness and lack of discipline can cause uneven success.
Hypertymnыy teenager often unable to accurately treat the job, especially monotonous. They are very monotonous aggravating activities. Situations that require speed, courage and ingenuity, these boys and girls let you easily and successfully. Their outrage often expressed in violent scenes of anger, irritation is especially opposition of others, the apparent suppression of intent, strictly regulated disciplinary regime, limiting communication with peers, lack of opportunities splash their boundless energy.
Psychological Types oblychchyastosti
How to optimize human life hypertymnoho
One very simple mental technique can help people with type hypertymnыy oblychchyastosti see their behavior from the outside and do work on the bugs. Admission essence is that you need to have a notebook where to record close and distant plans, and reading written plot exactly half. That chart less but perform “train” than many think, knowing that the full right impossible. Hypertym he could come up for a “punishment” for failure to fulfill promises or nedovedennya launched by the end of the case. So the man himself teaches himself to recording and control of their own indiscipline.

Hypertymnaya accentuation does not allow to see themselves and their actions from the side. So these people psychologists recommend the same notebook ask yourself the question: “What is negative at the moment is in me which can hurt or offend people around them?”, “How do I get my negative traits did not prevent me and others?” .
Hypertymu must often remind restore order in the surrounding area. If everything around it will be structured in place, then the order in his soul come faster.
Features health and appearance
Hypertymnыe people tend to always have a good appetite and can boast a healthy sleep. Even if you failed fully to sleep in the morning they are quite cheerful and efficient.
Hypertymnыy type oblychchyastosti, full-bodied. Specific style of dress may not follow, but some neglect their appearance is always present. These people are quite closely monitoring the trends of fashion, but it is not enforced. They can put on a very fashionable thing with any other long out of fashion. That is, they are characterized by the lack of a sense of aesthetics, along with the crude.