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How to find your calling?

The question of vocation can occur at any age, regardless of status, age or social status, everyone strives for happiness, but it can be achieved fully only when comes fully realize. How to find your calling? click
These issues were and dance studio Madison to take more than one generation, thus, does not matter when you zadastesya them – at age 15 or 45. Of course, the sooner, the better and easier to achieve tangible results, but even in older age, it is not nothing bad.
What is wrong is that you want to change your life for the better? Often deal with this issue and found absolutely the right decision – oh how difficult, sometimes it did not go that day or months, the years of life!
How to find your calling?
We spa services in Madison in school, then entering a university, selecting a certain profession, and then try to get a job in the chosen profession, choose a higher paying position, strive to better to stability. Perhaps we achieve stability, but that’s a happy person full?
This question pops up calling again with renewed vigor emotions and thoughts. A person can call window repair in madison fully happy only when he does what he likes, which receives supplies of energy and inspiration, they help to enjoy life.

What hinders find themselves?

If you do not pet grooming in Madison how to find his calling in life, while reading this article will do you good. Find your way – and follow it with confidence – this is the secret to a prosperous and happy life time. That just can not find him not for everyone, and maybe just bad tried? What prevents people find their calling?
Often, this fear and uncertainty, because to find something have to leave, albeit with dislike, but routine work, which would bring stable income.
We’ll have to dive into something new and unknown, and not the fact that an attempt will be successful. And in many families, children, responsibilities But the situation is that if we do not try, then change yourself and your life impossible, so you have to take risks.
How to find your calling?
Another problem – the lack of action sequences. Even if a person dares to try something new, it often highlights on the process required amount of time. He begins to grasp at different things, switching between them and as soon as the first wave of enthusiasm subsides, the person throws all his undertakings, and not having achieved initial results.
As a result – a complete disappointment in himself and his abilities. Remember to achieve something, you have to go through, and once you reach the first glimpse, you will feel a burst of energy that can provide you with a full supply of power to all subsequent achievements.

How do I find my destination?

You can read a lot of books, listen to a lot of advice from “knowledgeable” people, but was not able to identify with their desires and thoughts.
The easiest test which, by the way, offering students go through before entering a higher education institution, is this: Take a piece of paper and a pen, turn off the music, social networking and try to concentrate fully on the task.
Record on a piece of 30 features of your character, with it, both positive and negative, the more they will be better. For example, you are very emotional with friends – is at hand, but at work somewhere in the office – perhaps not. Write all that remember, you can ask for help from friends.
How to find your calling?
In a separate column, write down everything you can and, most importantly, love to do. For example, well-Drive car draw nice evening or good at saytopostroenyy.
Try to write as much as their abilities and interests here can even enter what you love to indulge in childhood or, for example, what would you like to do but have not tried.
Then it will be necessary to erase those activities and hobbies, you do only mood but also those which have hardly been able to deal with life. Now the map and list their strengths and abilities, think about which ones can be used, in your opinion, in specific areas.
And not even matter if you have a desire to engage in something, but the talents and skills are not enough, all this can develop and build. And now the most important thing to do – is to try!
It does not hesitate to use any chances and opportunities that fall in life, try to get the maximum benefit from them and, one fine day, you realize that finally found exactly what you need! Try and all must work!


The male character. Best quality of modern man

Currently in the modern world, a situation of acute shortage of real men. When observing different kinds of subcultures itself begs the question: masculine character – he is? And they dance studio Madison not only women but also men. There is a crisis of identity of the male population. Thus, in response to a specific question, we decided to consider various options for the ideal man. After all, anyway, and the question of the true nature of man brings a thinking man toward the ideal image of boys. To the article was not too boring, we decided to mix a cool cocktail cinema heroes, literary characters and the ordinary people.
Academic determine the nature of boring and incomprehensible unprepared reader, so we will try to answer the question of the nature in their own and as simply as possible.
Confucius said: “Sow opinion – reap an act, reap an act – sow a habit, reap a habit – reap a character, sow character – reap a destiny.”
Thus, the character – window repair in madison of internal quality oblychchyastosti that defines the relationship of man to himself and other people.
The male character. Best quality of modern man
As it is formed, psychology, of course, knows all this but, rather, like a hypothesis. Why this and not another, is still a mystery. But the general outline psychologists can still draw a. There are two main factors: physiological education and individual characteristics. Therefore, we can say that the male character – a balanced ratio of favorable external conditions and internal qualities. Example: parents teach the child a habit to set tasks and achieve goals. It happens, and vice versa: a person produces an inner core to avoid the harmful effects of spa services in Madison and go out of their influence. In short, it happens in many ways, but when you’re over twenty five, then blame the parents are ashamed. If this old man no one was, it is purely his problem. So much for the theme “definition of character.”

There is in the land of Rus those who do not sell cell phones, insurance, and other sausages. It is possible and even shorter: there are those who do pet grooming in Madison sell. These men are dying out, as their habitat disappears. It is, of course, people working specialties. Take for example a person who works in a factory.
The male character. Best quality of modern man
The reader will say is this ideal, and with this male character? Dear reader, be patient and imagine the life of a simple worker. He gets up every day, except weekends, 6:30 and so for 30 or 60 years (usually at the plant come early enough). Some one needs courage to live day by day.
Weaknesses and strengths as a proletarian type
Socialite and other girls with the claim hard to believe that this type of man can attract. And yet it is. You could even say that this image of the man has a strong character.

Advantages. The man in this case, women won its simplicity, lack of footwork. If the proletariat has no serious defects oblychchyastisnyh, it can even treat the income of the middle class.
The trouble is that people in any way inhibits the routine of work and the absence of the higher meaning.
If the proletariat – a man not prone to bad habits, it will work for families and children. However, for this it is necessary that she caught him responsive and attentive.
Disadvantages. It should be said that the severity of physical work involves certain recreational activities that do not promise people practicing them any good. For example, we can mention the model of life colleagues washing of the literary character, Martin Eden.

Manager – hero of our time
It is difficult to say whether the collective image manager masculine nature. But given that managers now have almost everything, it probably is. Imagine that the store manager came to him first as a cleaner and then through a chain of coincidences, was the director.
The male character. Best quality of modern man
Though, probably, in the Russian reality difficult to imagine such a scenario. Incidentally, the well-organized chain of coincidences built plot of the film “The Secret of my Success” with Michael J. Fox in the lead role.
Manager – eligible bachelor?
Advantages. If we imagine that there is still such a person in (although this is unlikely), it is undeniable strengths is that he rose from the very bottom and knows the value of money. He had just achieved. On the imaginary hero of our time clearly we can say that he has a strong character. Almost any achievement is vital to the strength of spirit. In such cases, people say that a person has core.
Negative quality. It is difficult to say the manager did not include any specific professional deformation. It all depends on the person. Then climb the social ladder.

Businessman middling
For example, a construction company in a provincial town, not necessarily small. In fact, the company actually can be any, even the production of downy shawls. The main thing is not it. This type defines a relatively high income and a sense of self-worth. It is not used to limit their desires. If someone asks: male nature – that’s about it? Of course, to organize in the business, you must have not only strength, but also courage.

Job businessman great influence on family life?
Difficult to say, all individually. Everything depends on the moral content of each individual oblychchyastosti. The difficulty is that the business can be rooted in oblychchyastosti, and maybe just labor that man does well. Therefore, possible variations. When a person a good family oriented, it will be a model husband. If he had a family and he made an interesting alliance for benefits, such people will treat women like interior. The children in this case will be perceived as something that “should be”, but they are usually – very caring wife.
Do not think it’s hell. Some women not only put up with this state of affairs, but passionately crave it. They are willing to exchange their freedom even for home comfort, and some social guarantees and existential, not knowing that in reality they are not. No one can promise to do your best.
Finally we got to the icon most modern women. And weaknesses even look awkward. Because millionaire in terms of most women, “woven from some solid advantages” as the hero of the famous film E. Ryazanov. But our task – analyst, so turn away from these conventions and safely kynemosya in search of flaws rich.
Of course, according to the women, he is strong man. Proof of his relics are just the means that he could earn.
At a time when many estimated in money, people are willing to worship the one who could tame them.
Disadvantages such as millionaire
Embarrassing, but still have to break this bright image.
First, the wife of a millionaire – a thing and tools, and not man.
Secondly, the woman who came to a rich man, be yourself. It is not free.
Thirdly, the complete non-state provision may one not very pleasant moment turn into a complete collapse and perfect poverty. In the millionaires are good lawyers, and therefore thought marriage contracts.
This reverse side of the image called “strong man” – model millionaire.

Superheroes – is ideal?
Why Batman or Spiderman cause such delight in women? It is not difficult to explain. Superheroes – is the embodiment of feminine dream. On the one hand, Bruce Wayne – a millionaire, but on the other hand, it is not strange sense of justice. He is a fighter against crime and the Dark Knight of Gotham. In short, handsome man. Incidentally, B. Wayne also because the dream that he – one of the few humane, fylantropychnыh rich. Even somehow embarrassed to ask, but it has a character a man? Of course! You bet! Testosterone just rolls over.
The male character. Best quality of modern man
“Spider” – much more modest character. It is a sad sack photographer. Not as cool as Bruce Wayne, but he cute.
Both main characters that they are heroes. In every woman lives a little girl, and she dreams of a prince. Batman is in this sense a more stylish option than the classic son of the king, and the horse is now out of fashion, and another thing – Batmobile.
Married superhero. You can imagine it?
I remember the old joke: “the perfect man – a deaf-blind sea captain.” Indeed, a fighter against evil is not much different from that seaman. Because the characters are just comic girlfriend, but no wives. And then they had grown fat and out of shape and had to retire, but who cares?
No, the characters have to be alone. It adds a romantic image. In addition, they are always young, sexually active and gentlemen. If Spiderman or Batman is not a gentleman, he has a villain. That’s the sad life of superheroes – only in the good times and everywhere. By the way, no matter good or evil man (or hero), but the character of this man does not suffer. Guys can be arbitrary.
The real and imaginary writers
These writers are usually boring and always write your own, hence their name. So for them to say interesting. We will talk better about those writers who are familiar to readers and viewers: the Master Chief from Bulgakov’s novel and the writer-rebel Hanke Moody.

Master – is a romantic dream of all girls. He is smart, beautiful, talented. This is his best qualities of character. However, at the same time it has the power breakdown, vulnerable and tender. In other words, the Master – is a generalized ideal not men, as a creative person in general. Master in some ways very feminine image. But the girls are not interested in money, but want a clean and great love, he is very fit.
It is noteworthy that The Master and Margarita could not be together on earth, but in quiet (we purposely did not say “heaven” because it is not clear exactly where the pair is in the final novel). And it’s absolutely true. Continuing this line of love on earth, at best Master and Margarita would life lovers, and at worst lost to Master of crazy, and she committed suicide.
If mentally travel cut pair of Woland, the way it eventually happened. All ended well. All died. And those who died, those mad.
The male character. Best quality of modern man
We know that Hank was the prototype of Charles Bukowski. I must say that Hank – is softened and “strongly combed” the image of the founder of “dirty realism”. What can you do Hollywood suffers from weakness to beautiful pictures. In fact, if radical Bukowski offered the choice between alcohol and women, he would have remained with the first. Fortunately reality this choice is not offered, and he prevented two substances together in unlimited quantities.

If someone reading this will give will say, no, we have not attracted Hank, or they are deceiving us, or himself, for the series rankings do not lie. And its not just looking men.
Hank likes women, as proposed by the viewer writer – a brutal way (his character, I must say so myself) this malchysha-plohysha. We will be honest scoundrels always liked women more than the good guys. More S. Dovlatov wrote in “compromise”: “I am good, and who I need?” The classic question of all great guys.
Hank hypnotizes women, because it is pure monohydrate (even more than Batman). He embodies the dream of every girl to bad, but charming romance.
By the way, if we conduct a parallel between the two mental images of writers, you get the following: if the Master was born today, he would could easily turn into Hank. That’s so 21 th century, worse than 20th.

Birthday child

Birthday – holiday, which annually brings to each person something new, leaving pleasant memories and impressions. Particularly striking are remembered children’s birthdays, when the child is having a lot of attention, give gifts and make this day the happiest and most joyous in the year.

How to celebrate the birthday of the child at different ages?
When the family comes baby, then the question “or not to celebrate his birthday” should not be in principle. This holiday is equally important for a spa services in Madison at any age and is certain pedagogical and psychological load, allowing:

– Expand the outlook baby;

– Promotional positive emotional perception of reality;

– Strengthen intrafamily communication between children close relatives. read more 

Birthday child under the age of 3 years

At the age of one year, the little man has not yet been able to understand why in his honor on the cake lit a candle in the house for some reason a lot of balls, and why would he suddenly one day bring so many toys. However, the child feels special attention to itself in this day and will gladly dance studio Madison to all the “miracles” of adults expressing love and care for him. Up to three years of birthdays kids desirable to celebrate with the family. Parental love, the presence of a number of grandparents, bright festive decoration of the window repair in madison and the total family tea party with the consideration of gifts will be enough at this stage of life.

Up to 5 years

Children nowadays pet grooming in Madison and develop very quickly. The three-year child can not just run around and play educational games. Many of the children to five years can read and consider actively starting to take part in role-playing games and festivities. But the most important thing for children is still home and his family. Especially for this day Mom and Dad can prepare unusual outfits, decorate the flat balls and new toys, schedule a visit to the park or children’s entertainment center.

to 8 years

Birthday child in the period from 5 to 8 years old, it is already possible to celebrate in the presence of his personal guests. By this time their babies are non-family relationships, formed a circle of acquaintances, friendships are born liking. Invite guests to a child’s birthday can be a home, and the children’s café or other place where providing services for children’s parties. Now more and more often use the services of Event agencies, which greatly simplify the organization of such events. Here, at the professional level will help to: create a script for a particular age group of children, offer their own versions of the venues and theme birthday. Holiday without fun contests, dances and exciting tests will not give the child any pleasure. If possible, it is better to entrust the conduct of the birth of professional animators. Or enjoy entertainment at home or celebrate your child’s birthday in the park or in the children’s entertainment club.

At this age, almost all children – restless. They need to move, run and romp. If the parents can do to organize a noisy and happy holiday, dedicated to the birthday of the child at home, then this event guarantees them the warmest reviews. In – First, they demonstrate their genuine concern and love for her child; secondly, show an example of a close-knit family can be; – third, to express my respect and attention of a friend of his son, or daughter, that is not enough means for children at this age.

Birth Day for child from 10 to 12 years

During this period, the child has already formed a circle of acquaintances, have friends, classmates, with whom he wants to share their holiday. If the family made their family tradition to celebrate birthdays in the family circle, the Friends will still not be forgotten. Let the morning and the first half of the day will be devoted to a general family celebration, and in the evening the child to invite their friends home. Here, parents should think carefully not only over what will be the festive menu, but what to do with children, the holiday was bright and cheerful. Differences days of celebrating the birth of boys and girls may be limited by the choice of gifts and entertainment. Although girls may like to play paintball, and the boys gladly take part in an exciting culinary show. The main thing is to organize the feast so that each guest, and in the first hero of the occasion, felt the protagonist. more info

Options for the celebration of the birth of a child

Day of birth of the child – it is a holiday, the organization of which rests entirely on the shoulders of parents. In order to mark a personal family holiday does not necessarily look for a place where you can spend. Visiting sports clubs, riding on the carousel, paid services for children’s birthday (children’s disco, akvagrimm, animators, etc.), Can not replace a home atmosphere of warmth and coziness of the family hearth. In order to celebrate the child’s birthday interesting holiday home must be carefully organized training activities. Given that parents are busy people, we must begin to prepare in advance. You will need:

– Create a list of guests who will come to your child’s birthday;

– Create captivating scenario birthday;

– Come up with games and entertainment;

– Check the apartment;

– Prepare the necessary props for the games;

– Create a festive table menu.

1. Birthday child must begin at home in the morning. Let it be, for example, the sudden awakening of hero for the day. It can wake cheerful melody, or fairy-tale characters, in the way that Mom and Dad will drop from morning to congratulate.

2. The singularity of the day can stress plate guides affixed in prominent places where further action is to find the child a “special surprise” will be indicated. In the notes, you can specify that the child did not forget to fill the bed, then he will find another important task that will lead him to “surprise”; let him brush his teeth, and Feeds, and “surprise” will be waiting for him in the kitchen. Each action can reinforce something: chocolate medals (on account of complete years) or cards with wishes.

3. At breakfast, the child congratulates and in a good mood all disagree about their business: school, kindergarten, work. And then, the whole family is satisfied with the representation of the house now. In celebration of the program can include: search of treasure (Gift), extraordinary fabulous journey, a special photo shoot, watching your favorite cartoons and movies with the whole family, moving and quiet games, songs and dances.

4. For the kids, of course, no need to arrange a very long time programs. At an early age, children quickly get tired. Active games for the young child will be enough for 20-25 minutes. With children, teens holiday with active competition may be from 1 to 1.5 hours. Then you need to take care of quiet games and treats.

And another recommendation: you should never carry the celebration date of the day of your birth. Here is a very important point that the proverb says “road spoon for lunch.”

The Avant-garde Nature

We should pet grooming in Madison mislead superficial phenomena and local successes. Picasso’s shows still crowds, and TS Eliot is taught in the universities; traders modernist art still do not go out of business, and the publishers still publish “difficult” poets. But the avant-garde, sensing danger, every day looks more and more timid. we face, even where least expected with academic and commercialization. Mean it can only be one thing: the vanguard loses confidence in the public, on which depends – in rich and educated. more

Not if the avant-garde nature of the responsibility for the risk he faced, he carries one? Or this very responsible and is a source of danger?

Where there is the avant-garde, generally we also find the rearguard. In fact, simultaneously with the appearance of avant-garde in the spa services in Madison West, there was the second cultural phenomenon, the one which the Germans gave a wonderful name “kitsch”: intended for the mass commercial art and literature with coloristic inherent, magazine covers, illustrations, advertising, reading matter , comics, pop music, dancing under the sound recording, Hollywood movies, etc. etc. For some reason this gigantic phenomenon has always been something obvious. It’s time to peer into its causes and consequences.

Kitsch – a product of the industrial revolution, the urbanized masses of Western Europe and America and has created what is called universal literacy. read

Prior to this the only market formal, does not reduce to the folk culture were window repair in madison who, in addition to the ability to read and write, possessed leisure and comfort that always determine involvement in culture. This is something just before some time and understood by literate. But with the advent of literacy the ability to read and write has become less important skill, something like the ability to drive a car, and no longer serve the quality that distinguishes the individual’s cultural inclinations, since more is not the exclusive result of refined taste.

The peasants who have migrated to the big cities and become proletarians or petty bourgeoisie in the name of increasing self-efficacy learn to read and write, but have not found leisure and comfort necessary for the enjoyment of the traditional urban culture. Losing, nevertheless, the taste for popular culture, the soil of which was the countryside and rural life, and at the same time, faced with a new social experience – boredom, new urban masses began to put dance studio Madison on society, requiring them to provide suitable for culture of consumption. In order to meet the demand of the new market, was invented by a new product – an ersatz culture, kitsch, destined for those who, while remaining indifferent and insensitive to the values of genuine culture, yet felt the spiritual hunger, languished by the diversion, which could give only culture a certain kind. here