For how many years can marry?

Marriage – step, of course, responsible, and every girl lays on a beautiful wedding with a handsome groom. A navoobrazhav such a beauty, wonder girls “from how many years can marry?”, Very much in a wedding dress to get out of the interior design madison you want.

There are also cases where the guy with the girl there for many years and are eager to get married, for such couples the question “how many years can marry (marry)?” Is even more acute. So, for how many years can apply to the registrar? more info

How many years can marry under the law?
Let’s start with Russia – on how many years the law can get married in Russia? Family Code set the marriage age (number of years upon reaching which a person can marry) 18. But if good reason can marry (but not required) and sixteen. Also, if there are special circumstances due to the laws of marriage may be concluded and to achieve sixteen.

And with how many years Ukraine marry? Until recently it was allowed to be married seventeen years, but the Family Code of Ukraine in April 2012 adopted spa madison to raise the age of marriage for women. Now it is like in 18 years. But the right to marry can be obtained girl (or boys) 16 years by a court in the event that the marriage is in the interests of couples wishing to marry. Previously, the minimum age for marriage was 14 years. read

When it’s time to get married?

Perhaps many girls wanting marriage grabbed his head, knowing that will have to wait eighteenth birthday, as no special circumstances and is not valid. And of course, older ladies try to comfort them, saying hurry nowhere more time to family life sip of a large spoon. Both generations of its own truth, but probably not important how old you can be married window repair Madison the law, and when to do it. After all, age is not important, it is the 30-year-old lady behaves infantile, totally not understanding what responsibility it should take over, married. But there are cases where 16-year-old girl and a baby amusing, and with the economy rises, and feels happy. Everything depends on the person, each of us age, when it is time to get married, is different. here

But how then to find your own marriage age if the question “How many years with a woman marry” the veil of secrecy raises? And who told you that we must ask someone else’s opinion? There are prejudices among the ladies “30 years married did not come out, so no one zhodylasya,” and that’s why girls run to the registrar, trying to make it to the critical age.
For how many years can marry? And it does not matter that a couple of years they divorced – a match made in haste usually is not durable. So based on prejudices and friends experience is not necessary. Your time to get married, come when you pet grooming Madison to start a family with the same man that is near, but not at the time when you want a beautiful ceremony and suddenly find that the current sexual partner able to pay it all.

If the thought of others, too, can be a counselor in the matter of marriage, then the last hope for doctors. They say that the best age for a first birth 23-25 years. So, should try by all means to get in those terms? Even if children do not want to, even if the man that is the role of the lover does not pull? Perhaps the issue when it’s time to marry, and medicine is powerless. info

And about what age can we talk? The family is not numbers, it is emotion, desire and commitment between two people who decided to live a long stretch of life together. And no matter how many years these people – 16 or 89.